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Crystalbrook Marina redevelopment Q & A



What is the status of the Development Application?

A Development Application to redevelop the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, Port Douglas was lodged with the Douglas Shire Council on the 22nd of December 2017.

This redevelopment includes the following:

– 130 hotel rooms

– 10 hotel villas

– 35 private villas

– 9 private apartments

– 4,076 square metres of retail, dining and commercial space

– 277 car spaces

This Application is currently in the process of being assessed by Council.

When will works commence?

We are currently going through the planning process, which is anticipated to take four to six months.

No substantial works will be undertaken this year, it will be business as usual.

Preliminary works this calendar year will include: maintenance dredging of the operational marina, relocation of fisherman’s pontoons, extension and addition of 24 further berths to B arm, and work on a relocation solution for the slipway.

The marina, commercial, restaurant and retail facilities will continue to operate as they are currently throughout 2018, whilst our plans evolve.

Once works for the redevelopment commence, we will work to undertake the development in phases to limit disruption and so that the marina and associated services can remain operational. This could involve temporary solutions for access and loading.

There is no plan to remove or substantially adjust the marina, only improve the current appearance.

What will happen to the existing tenants?

Once we have a confirmed planning process, we will be working with each of the existing tenants to understand their needs and requirements prior to undertaking detailed design of the retail and commercial space.

Operationally there are a number of areas not detailed in the planning documents, which will be contemplated fully in detailed design.

We will continue to communicate with all stakeholders prior any public announcement.

How will this benefit the community?

The proposal constitutes a substantial investment in Port Douglas community and we will continue to liaise with the community over the coming months as the plan evolves.

Crystalbrook Collection’s investment proposal is for a total capital expenditure of AU$204 million.

The Economic Impact Report by Cummings Economics forecasts that this result in an addition to Gross Regional Product including ‘flow-on’ of about AU$60 million per year over the two year construction period or 6.3% and employment including ‘flow-on’ of about 550 or 9.5%.

When operational, total additional expenditure generated by the marina, accommodation and residential expansion is estimated at approximately AU$42 million per annum. With ‘flow-on’ effects, this could be expected to generate an addition to Douglas Shire’s annual Gross Regional Product of the order of AU$31 million per annum of 3.2% and to employment of about 280 or about 4.8%.

What can you tell us about the new design?

Reinvigorating the Port Douglas waterfront, the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina redevelopment will create a vibrant new environment. Comprising restaurants, villas, luxury accommodation, retail, commercial spaces and extensive gardens, the redevelopment will provide a world-class hotel and residential offering attracting local and international guests.

The designs are inspired by the reef’s ecosystem. The ecological language permeates the contemporary architecture throughout the buildings and the dynamic, layered terracing creates an internationally recognisable landmark.

Sustainability, in terms of building longevity and operation from an environmental point of view are key elements of the design and the ethos of the development as responsible luxury. This philosophy affects everything from the performance of the building, to energy efficiency and the sourcing of materials.

The site has been re-imagined as a car-free ground plane, with all parking placed underground. This allows a completely pedestrianised and walkable environment with extensive gardens, boardwalks and tree-lined paths in and around the marina, hotel and villas.

Who will be the architect for the redevelopment?

Australian design practice SJB has been appointed to lead the design of the redevelopment.

Who will project manage and construct the development?

Prime Group has been appointed to project manage and construct the expansion.